About Us

Dremendo is an emerging online learning platform homegrown in India. We have spent the past decade making world best IDE for beginners named JCppEdit, writing books on programming language, and teaching thousands of students various skillset to make them self-sufficient.

We have recognised the need for learning various computer courses online in great details, that is why we have pledged to provide world-class computer courses with excellent tutorials and lots of exercises for your practice. We are a bunch of hard-working, optimist, motivated people who believe that - "Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

about us


Why Choose us

We are going to provide you with the best computer courses with an excellent tutorials. You will be able to learn each topic in great detail.


Our Mission

We want to spread the light of education to every house so that we all can share the prosperity this ongoing technological revolution has brought to us.


Our Vision

Our mission is to allow having quality education to everyone. We want everyone to get inspired to learn new skills and to make something new.